Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Little Ass

My Little Ass – Toy Commercial
live action sequence

Two little girls play with something OS

Girl #1: What color is your little ass, Jennie?
Girl #2: My Little Ass is purple! What color is your Little Ass, Suzy?
Girl #1: My Little Ass is pink! Hey! Let’s comb each other’s ass hair!
Girl #2: Ok!

Eddie (dad) steps in
Dad: Hey hey hey hey hey! What kind of talk is that for little girls? Didn’t I raise you to be good Christians?

Girl #1: Silly Daddy, we’re talking about our new toys- “My Little Ass!”

Girls hold up toys
Both girls proudly lift up their toys- Girl #1 has a pink ass toy; Girl #2 has a purple one.
The little asses have hoof-less bellbottom stump feet and pink and purple manes.
Girl #2: Mine’s purple!
Girl #1: Mine’s pink!

Dad: Oh oh oh! Ok…well that’s fine then. Go ahead and play with “Your Little Asses!”
Priest comes in

A priest steps into the room
Priest (Irish accent): And let me be the first to bless yer little purple arses, lassies!

Magical Transformation:

He sprinkles holy water on the little asses………..
The figurines transform into cartoon versions in a magical swirl of pink and purple twinkles
The girls see their toys melt into animation infront of them and start to cry.
The priest shouts: “Witchcraft!”

Animation fills the screen and blots off the live action:

My Little Ass Theme Song
Little Asses doing ass-like things during song

“There’s a rainbow over ass canyon…”

At the beginning of the song, we see asses frolicking and sliding along a beautiful rainbow. The rainbow’s stripes are all alternate shades of pink and purple.

"It's a double-barreled one at that...
“Where everyone is always happy,
and nobody ever gets fat”

“My little a-ass, sweet little a-ass…”

Images through song

During the chorus, we see the asses chasing butterflies. They are prancing and leaping into the air. It is very light hearted and cutesy looking.


We see close ups of the butterflies flying alongside the asses. They are smiling and laughing. There is an emphasis on the sparkly nature of the butterfly wings.

Finally one of the asses leaps up and catches one of the butterflies in its mouth. It swallows it daintily.
After the ass has eaten the butterfly, its mane and tail and butt patch begin to twinkle.


The ass suddenly begins to slowly expel the segmented butterfly body from its mouth. The wingless body drops to the ground where it lies for a moment before attempting to fly away. It hops and twitches on the ground.

Pan out to see all the little asses that were chasing bugs- they are all expelling butterfly bodies. The ground is littered with little bug bodies..

Girly pink and purple animation

Narrator After Song:

Don’t forget to watch My Little Ass every Saturday morning on the Children’s Exploitation Channel-the only network that’s made For Kids BY Hucksters! (or something like that)

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