Monday, August 3, 2009

John K. Presents - a Funny Animal Cartoon Variety Show



The show offers funny animal cartoons and characters in what would be called skits in variety shows. Characters that become extra popular come back and can be spun off into series.

The format for the cartoon show is inspired by:

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World:

The Walt Disney Show always started with live action of Walt at his desk talking to the audience. Sometimes he would go to his library, pick out a book of a classic story, open it up and we would see the illustration come to life. Other times he would be talking to his characters on the desk - like Donald Duck.

The live action and cartoon composites never quite worked perfectly. Walt didn’t make eye contact with Donald. It was as if he was looking above his head.

I want to make fun of that. If I’m looking in the wrong place, my cartoon character will be jumping up and down, “Over here! Here I am, you idiot!”

Or…when Walt would shake hands with a cartoon character the registration would always be slightly off. Mine will be completely off.

I’ll be shaking hands with the air while my character is behind me getting frustrated. Then I swing around and accidentally knock him off the desk.

My desk drawers are filed with dusty used cartoon characters who try to escape every time I open the drawer. Hell – my own drawers could be filled with characters who come out holding their noses (or beaks).


Our first cartoon will be Kraspar The Curmudgeonly Bear. He'll be the main character like Huckleberry Hound, but we will do bumpers and fake commercials with other animal characters to supplement the show and give the audience an assortment of characters they can pick their favorites from.
[cover+copy.jpg]KRASPAR PILOT




ThomasHjorthaab said...

Hey John! That would be a freakin' amazing show... And that's EXACTLY what we need... So someone better buy the show, SOON!:)

ANd John, I would be very grateful, if you'd stop by my blog, and leave a comment... I got some questions I wanna ask you, so it would be cool if we could start a conversation:)

- Thomas

J C Roberts said...

An animated sketch/variety show has been something I've wanted to launch for decades. Leave it to someone who already thinks a lot like me to hatch the same plan.

With the amount of people having access to the means of broadcastable animation production, an animated sketch show becomes a much more viable concept. I'd sign up (of course, I've got that whole being a nobody thing going on, but otherwise)

And I also want to live in the house full of cartoonists.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the greatest thing ever! And there's so amny places it could go!

You could make fun of reality shows and bad cartoons! Every episode a cartoonist in the house gets voted out for some arbitrary reason!

You could have a story arc where the executives take over the show one day and do bad cartoons, and it's a satire on Adult Swim (but gentle, because this sounds like it would be GREAT on Adult Swim!

You could do a parody of David O'Reilly and call it "A sequential art piece by David O'Really?"

You could also get famous comedians on and animate their sketches! You could animate old Bob Newhart or Cheech & Chong sketches! Norm MacDonald!

You could add visuals to old classic instrumentals, like "Rumble" by Link Wray, or bebop and swing songs!

You could get Ralph Bakshi on and get him to do a short, a really gritty 1930s urban cartoon.

You could show obscure classic cartoons occasionally, like Clampett's "It's a Grand Old Nag"

You could do animated animation history lessons, like animating the story of Bob Clampett's life or the Leon Schlesinger studio or something! It'd be like a animated version of the old "Toonheads" show Jerry Beck did on CN in the 90s.

You could do new Beany & Cecils, or showcase the ones you did in the 80s!

You could get Martin Scorsese or Roger Ebert on and do film criticism of classic cartoons in a segment called "Kartoons Kriticism" or something!

The possibilities are endless!

Taco Wiz said...

This would be THE GREATEST TV SHOW EVER. If it DOES get picked up, I hope it'll be TV-14 or lower. I'd be sad for a new John K cartoon to come out only for my parents to not let me see it.

Kaspar sounds like he'll work for one...maybe two cartoons. Like Michigan J. Frog. He-Hog, George Liquor, and Jimmy the Idiot Boy could become regulars. I'd love to have Donald Bastard and He-Hog plush toys. Jimmy and George are getting lonely in my room.

Anonymous said...

Hi John--

Good luck on your pitch!

If "John K. Presents" gets picked up, it would definately be my favourite show!


-Michael R.