Thursday, January 8, 2009

Links To More Cartoon Shows



Be sure to read all the comments to see how much people want to see these shows!


Callum said...

Wow, these look amazing. My younger sister saw the Heartaches pics and said she thought it looked really cool, and I think Brik Blastoff and Wally man look hilarious, the character design is superb. Execs- take note!

Ben Forbes said...

The Heartaches look totally awesome and look 10 times better than the other shows on TV today.

The others have wicked character designs. Wally Man especially.

Zam3d said...

Another vote for the Heartaches, they can appeal to little girls and grown-up people who likes cartoony humor.

WallyMan and Brick Blastoff is too surrelist for my tastes.

Jose said...

I'm exhausted from pouring my heart out in another pitch post (for variety show). however:

wallyman is amazing. i was shocked by how ridiculously funny this guy is. i remember reading some story ideas you had for this once on the other blog; wishing i could see em for real. still.

and brik blastoff. oh christ!! this could be a feature film. a series. comic books. video games. this can be everything. kicks the ripping friends dead ass. (though i really enjoy ripping friends also!)

Raff said...

My vote: Heartaches and Brik Blastoff.

PCUnfunny said...

I love the concept of Wallyman, it goes back to classic cartoon characters that really have no species like Bosko. I also love Brik Blastoff, I'll definetly pay for that. In egrnal, I like the fact that you make really manly men super heros John.

Gabriel said...

wally man 4 and 5 links are broken!

JohnK said...

>>wally man 4 and 5 links are broken!<<


sorry about that

Anonymous said...

I'd watch them all. The Heartaches is my least favorite (I suppose 'cause I'm a guy) but I'm sure kids would love it, and the other two look incredible! MAKE THESE!