Friday, January 9, 2009

He Hog Extra Material and Jokes - Naveltine, Super Villain Merchandise

He Hog's Sponsor - Naveltine

He Hog stops the action in his show to do commercials for Naveltine. (this would always happen right when someone desperately needs him to save them - like while Half Life is being tortured by a super villain) "I'll save you, Half-Life....but first... I'd like to tell all the kiddies out there about a tasty new powder that's full of nutrition too!"

Naveltine is made from the superlint from He Hog's own magnificent navel. Each night before bed, Half-Life has to spoon out He Hog's lint. They bottle it and sell it.

He Hog winks at Moms in the audience and says: "Don't tell the kids it's good for them!"

Super Villain Merchandise

The villains in the show also have their own sponsors and their own audience of bad little boys and girls. This is a demographic that has been under marketed and we want to take advantage of it.


Some merchandise:

Plastic Working Confession Device: "Hey kids! Now you can make your own pets confess to anything!"

We show a little kid with his device hooked up to his pet kitten: "Hey Fluffy, Did you eat that Rat?"

Secret Oath of Allegiance: Swear allegiance to your favorite super villain.

The March Of Evil.

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